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Temperlite® Insulation Sdn Bhd works together to learn the most efficient and effective ways to produce market-ready perlite, to build awareness among target industries of perlite's incredible potential, and to research and then communicate the mineral's properties to end-users.


Perlite is a high-temperature insulation which displays exceptional corrosion inhibiting properties. A negative charge is present within the sodium silicate binder which draws the positive charge from the pipe.


Perlite is a natural occurring siliceous volcanic rock that is packed in powder forms & asbestos-free & benefits from low thermal conductivity with a high compressive strength & high levels of water resistance.


Working with few partners, Temperlite® has dedicated teams to offer perlite expansion at site. Our teams consists of highly experienced professionals and technicians who have performed jobs across the world.

Why Our Products

Water Resistant

Our materials have high levels of water resistance and suitable to install in areas where presence of water is high.

Corrosion Resistant

Corrosion resistant ceramics benefit an assembly in terms of effectiveness and productivity and also reduce the need for replacement parts, making them a cost-effective option.

Non Combustible

Our product is test proven that it doesn’t ignite, burn, support combustion or release flammable vapors when subjected to fire or heat.

Low Thermal Conductivity

Our products has a low thermal conductivity that is ideal for gas pipelines in the Oil & Gas industry.

Asbestos Free

We meet the requirements of many countries as we supple asbestos free products and maintain a safe living environment for many.

Acid / Alkali Resistant

We are a recognized manufacturer and supplier of Acid / Alkali resistance Material which are manufactured using high grade components and other material with employing latest technology.

Stable to 650° C

Our materials possess high levels of conductivity and proven stable under high temperatures up to 650o C.


There are some items that simply have to have some weight to them in order to convey a certain quality. Ours is one. Its light weight and strong.

All–weather &
Takes Foot Traffic

Perlite is water – repellent and can be easily installed in rainy or sunny weather and does not deform, shatter or break when it is trod on, which means it is durable.