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Temperlite™ Insulation – Sectionals & Board

Temperlite™ insulation sectionals in the form of pipe covers and boards consist of expanded perlite powder bound together by an inorganic binder (sodium silicate) and reinforcing fibre. Completely non – flammable, they are widely used as insulation for heated equipment, vessel and piping. The major advantages that perlite insulation sectionals have over the 2 main competitors, calcium silicate and rockwool are:-

Corrosion resistance

Temperlite™ insulation sectionals have a high sodium silicate –to- chloride ratio. Sodium silicate is a corrosive effects of soluble chlorides. The water – repellent nature of perlite prevents the entry of soluble chlorides into the system. Thus is helps avoid unnecessary shutdowns and loss of production hours at refineries, petrochemical and power plants caused by corrosion of piping, fittings and vessels. In short, it combats Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI).

Water repellency

The extremely water – repellent nature of Temperlite™ insulation sectionals means that they retain their low thermal conductivity factor even when is water ingress into the system. Calcium silicate and rockwool on the other hand have very high water absorption factors resulting in a loss of their insulation properties and an increase in the operational cost of the plant.

Thermal Performance

Temperlite™ has a low thermal conductivity. Its superior moisture resistance helps keep water out of insulation which assures that good thermal conductivity performance is maintained over the long term.

Inhibit Stress Corrosion Cracking

Perlite sectional/board because of its sodium content provides corrosive inhibition towards chloride induced stress corrosion cracking.

Features & Advantages
Corrossion Resistant
Repels Water
Non - Combustible
Acid and Alkali Resistant
Suitable For All Weather
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